Kumiko is an alternative Dynamo Player for Revit. It's collaborative, portable and free.
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Please carefully read the EULA and the documentation. By using the Software, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and accepted all terms and conditions of the EULA.

Managing Dynamo scripts is challenging, and you might lose them over time. In Addition:

You can't share them with others without providing full access to their content.You can't maintain version control and track all changes.You can't access them from different locations unless they're available locally.You can't ensure that all necessary packages are installed when sharing.
Kumiko makes it easy to have your dynamo scripts with you all the time, wherever and whenever you need them. Besides that, it features:

Easy collaboration and synchronization using Git.Seamless sharing with team members without compromising the script's content.Auto detection and installation of missing packages.Enhanced and additional script documentation options.
Here is a short demonstration explaining how you can publish, run and share a script with Kumiko.
Kumiko provides free access for personal and business use. However, to share any scripts with other members, a paid subscription is necessary to maintain secure access to the shared content and prevent potential misuse.

Currently, the following plans are being offered:

Free Plan: €0 per month — No members included.Pro Plan: €4.99 per member per month.

Script owner covers the cost; members can access for free.

To modify the number of members in your plan, go to the app and click on 'Manage Plan' found on your profile page. Refer to the documentation for guidance on how to add team members. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.